Wee Wednesdays * Baby Bloch


Once upon a time there was a beautiful Belgian princess, called Annelies, who fell in love with a handsome German prince called Jörg. Prince Jörg whisked princess Annelies away on his flying horse to a toofaraway land where they built a tiny castle called Villa Kunterbunt. But some of the rooms in this castle stayed empty and princess Annelies and prince Jörg wished upon a star for a wee princess to arrive. And because once in a blue moon dreams do come true, Anna-Lune was born!

Anna-Lune, welkom! Willkommen!

What better way to welcome a little girl than gifting her shoes fit for a princess? I reckon a pair of wee little Baby Blochs fit the bill just right, don’t you agree?

Photos: Baby Bloch
Posted by: Liesbeth


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