Tiny Tuesdays * Denim Animals


Too many old denim trousers in your closet? Designer Myriam Mense did! So she started reusing them in her interior – on her sofa for example. “Getting a beautiful color on your denim is so difficult and all the bleaching demands way too much from the environment. It was time for change.” She now started her own brand Maison Indigo with beautiful animals, made from recycled denim.

Je moet er maar opkomen om je oude jeans – letterlijk – nieuw leven in te blazen door er een vos, miereneter of olifant van te maken. De Nederlandse Myriam Mense startte onlangs met Maison Indigo. De miereneter is mijn absolute favoriet! Zo leuk!

Photos: Myriam mense, Maison Indigo
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