Tips for a Berlin City Trip with toddlers


A city trip with girls from 1,5 and 4?! We were invited for a long weekend in Berlin. I had been to Berlin before, and knew it wasn’t the easiest city for a quick trip with children.

Here are three tips when traveling to Berlin with toddlers.

1. Berlin books for toddlers

I got different books on Berlin and learned one thing – books on what to do in the city with kids are not meant to be for tourists. They’re written for parents living in that city. In contrary, the children books about Berlin were great tools for mum and the girls. We walked around the city with two books; our 1,5 year old loved a search book of Berlin, the 4-year old a work book.

Das Grosse Berlin-Buch für Kinder is in German, but even when not speaking German your kids can work in it. They’ll need to count the pillars of the Brandenburger Tor, draw the TV-tower and point out on a map where they have been walking. Even when it’s a book for kids from 6 on, my 4 year old did not stop working in it.

Wimmelbuch Berlin is a search book. The drawings were a bit too complicated for the kids to recognize Berlin on it, but they did have a lot of fun searching on the different pages for the animals and the people that were mentioned at the start of the book.


2. Our mission: find the bear

I had been strolling over the internet in search of a free treasure hunt for toddlers in Berlin. Nothing.

But then I noticed there’s a bear at every corner of the street in Berlin. So, we gave the girls a mission – “find the bear”. We wanted to have 10 photos with them and the bears of Berlin. It made them walk for three days, jumping up and down when they found a new bear.

3. Stops for kids

During our walks through the city, we did plan some stops especially for the kids. Typical stops like the Lego Discovery Center and the Zoo, but also a stop with a special hairdresser for kids – with chairs of a carousel, Disney films and dressed-up hairdressers. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t a perfect source. Walking down to the kids’ hair dresser at KaDeWe with two – very – enthusiastic girls, it seemed they got closed a few months before (but KaDeWe forgot to take it off their internet site). Can you imagine? Only ice could save the day…






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