Lola’s music box


LES PETITS VINTAGE – handmade with Love ♡

She’s due in just a couple of weeks now, and her little baby crib is awaiting her – just as we are. I found the sweetest music boxes, handmade and with a vintage look from Parisian brand LES PETITS VINTAGE. I could not resist getting them for my future, little web shop with their tunes  “What a wonderful world”, “Imagine” or “I just call to say i love you”. If you would be interested in getting one, send me a mail.

Ich möchte Euch die lieblichen Spieluhren von LES PETITS VINTAGE als wunderschöne Geschenkidee ans Herz legen. Handmade aus Paris und mit wunderschönen Melodien wie “what a wonderful world”, “Imagine” oder “i just call to say i love you” sollen unsere Baby´s besonders süße Träume haben.

Photo Credits: lilliandme



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