PlayTime Paris AW16: Upcoming Trends


If there’s one thing what Liesbeth & I really like about our job, then it is visiting Playtime. Full of inspiration, meeting the nicest colleagues in the branche, discovering new must-have brands and … spending the weekend in Paris; it is one of the nicest events to travel to in our jobs.

We make a kind of game out of it to discover the upcoming trends as quick as possible. And this is what we discovered this time;

Colors AW16

Black & White isn’t complete without ochre accents. For those brands who like a less monochrome color pallet, we noticed pink powder and green – from peppermint to sage as popular colors in the AW16 collections.

Prints AW16

Swans, swans, swans – we saw them swimming by in many different collections. Arctic animals as polar bears, penguins and puffins seem to be a must-have print for kids’ clothing this autumn too.

What we also liked? Brands coming up with their interpretation of big cities; we saw Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels popping buy as a theme on baby shoes, clothing and accessories.

Ecology & Fair-trade

It’s a lot of fair-trade and ecology in the newest kids’ collections and that’s nice to see. More, the ecological collections look trendy and playful; very different then some adult collections we still see.

PS: As requested by the Playtime team, we decided not to publish too many photos of the show. This way, the high number of copied collection items might be reduced a bit. The penguins on our cover photo are from Belgian brand Esthex.


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