Less waste


As ‘zero waste’ unfortunately still feels like an unattainable goal to me, I prefer to think in terms of ‘less waste’. Still difficult if you have to purchase your groceries in Belgian supermarkets… But hey, we are taking baby steps as a family. Still better than no steps at all.

One of these steps is gradually replacing our plastic straws by more sustainable options. I say gradually, as I personally feel we do not have to throw out every single plastic item we own. That is just extra wasteful to me. The items have been produced, so we better put them to good use first, dispose of them in a safe way and then replace them by more sustainable options.

One could debate we do not even need them. But milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails just taste so much better when you can savor them slowly, right?

I am currently looking into following options: metal, paper or bamboo straws.

Did you already replace your plastic straws? Let me know if you know of any other good alternatives!

Paper straws

Bamboo straws

Metal straws




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