Saving for sustainable fashion


In my pursuit to reduce my carbon footprint, I thought it was about time I started thinking about saying goodbye to fast fashion and invest in more sustainable options. But sustainable fashion often does not come cheap. Understandably, so that is why I already started saving for my next winter coat… ;-)

A gorgeous one by Spanish knitwear brand babaà. babaà knits are made in a small workshop, or at one of the best family run knitwear factories in Europe, both of which are located in the north east of Spain. Each knitted piece is first washed and dried flat, to make sure that all their knits remain in perfect condition for their customers. They are then assembled and finished by hand. Finally they are pressed and blocked, and are ready to be sent out to the new owner. A mix of the latest technology and an artisan process allows them to develop beautiful textile designs with the use of very simple elements. Like all good things, their production takes time, hence the price tag.

At babaà they are of course really passionate about all the materials they use. Mostly locally source yarns or organic wool and cotton. Their buttons come from natural organic materials as well.

Check out their webshop or instagram account for more gorgeousness!



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