When a lifestyle photographer, a fashion designer and two friends with their own PR-agency get together, you would expect the perfect fashion and lifestyle blog. But being mums our lives are as messy, hectic and fun as anyone else’s’. On our blog, we share the life of 4 mums throughout Europe. Want to know who we are?

Tanja is our lifestyle photographer. Receiving one award after the other for her work, she did not have the time anymore to see her three kids in the weekends. So, she moved from Belgian to Norway and decided to slow down and enjoy life again with her husband and kids Emma, Marius and Lisa.

Sonja is trying to keep all balls up at the same time. Being pregnant of her second girl, she decided to launch a web shop for little girls and get a baby in 2016. How she is trying to keep these balls up in the German skies, can be read in her weekly blog posts. Lily, her firstborn daughter is four, baby Lola was born in January.

Annelies and Liesbeth are Studio ToutPetit, a PR-agency in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany for baby and kids brands. With the two of them, they help tiny brands grow big. Liesbeth lives in Belgium and has an eight year old daughter, Ella, and a ten year old son, Max. Annelies has two little girls: Anna-Lune is five years old and Gloria two.

You can reach us sending us a mail (info*at*studiotoutpetit.com) or leaving a comment.